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Life and Nappa


Life and Nappa are two thirds of the legendary uk hip hop group Philife cypher, the group parted ways in 2012. As Life and Nappa they continue to release dope material. Life mc is one of the UKs most respected lyricists with his thought provoking lyrical content and is known worldwide for his freestyle skills. Nappa is also one of the best producers in hip hop and has produced all of life's solo albums. Life was also part of famed cartoon group the GORILLAZ and opened up the Brit awards in 2002 with a performance in front of millions. To date life has released 6 solo albums alongside Nappa. They have both toured Europe extensively over the years and are seen as uk hip hop underground legends by many. Their music has reached far and wide, Life's solo tracks "pound for pound" and "Baddest man on the planet" were selected for use on uk boxing show Friday night fights as their in show music for 2yrs and also during the BBC coverage of Olympic boxing including the closing ceremony. Life and Nappa also have a track (Movie DROME) on the playstation psp game world tour soccer. Life has battled professor green at uk hip hop event "The jump off" he has also appeared on stage and performed with Krs1, Busy B and world famouse freestyler "Supernatural" in Holland. These guys have appeared live on the same line up with a who's who of Hip Hop talent from Big Daddy Kane, Krs1 and Run Dmc to wutangs the Gza, Ra da Rugged man, Red n Meth and many many more. Life has been involved in projects with EMI, and both have been signed in the past to Dj Vadims "Jazz fudge" label and also "Zebra Traffic" (Tru Thoughts) label and are still one of the UKs leading Hip hop groups who continually deliver dope beats and rhymes.




Nappa fell in love with hip hop in 1984 after hearing newcleus jam on revenge for the first time and from that day on made it his mission to to learn and find more of this new music he had found! he started buying records with his paper round money and hasn't stopped since! Then in 1987 Nappa discovered the ultimate breaks and beats which started another musical journey searching for new breaks and samples. After years of making loops on a tape machine with the pause button Nappa started making beats on a Amiga computer in 1991 and then in 1994 was taught to use the akai s950 by legendary uk rapper Mcm of caveman and then in 1995 got his own akai s950 and has not looked back since! After years of bedroom beat making and demos he went on to form philife cypher with longtime friend and musical partner life mc in 1997. With philife cypher Nappa has toured the whole uk and most of Europe and played alongside some of his musical heros including public enemy krs one and big daddy Kane. Nappa has made 2 albums with philife cypher and 6 with life mc with a 7th on its way. Nappa has also worked and remixed for many artists he has worked with belles in Monica from Scotland the legendary Sheffield crew hoodz underground, inja who he produced his whole Lp wide open, Skuff and the legendary Nottingham Mc Cappo who's lp rebel base is due in 2015 , he has done remixes for dj Vadim mark b and blade and also loot pack. The sound of Hip hop might of changed over the years but Nappa keeps coming with that Boom bap we all know and love.